This pages contains links to some of my writing available online.

“Diving into the History of Seabed Mining.” Essay in Edge Effects (September 19, 2019). Available at: http://edgeeffects.net/seabed-mining/

“London.” Research Postcard in Contingent Magazine (September 11, 2019). Available at: https://contingentmagazine.org/2019/09/11/a-postcard-from-london/

As a research assistant at the University of Connecticut’s Archives and Special Collections, I help connect the public with research materials and interesting stories from the archives. A selection of pieces written for the ASC Blog can be found below.

The Diocesan Labor Institute and the Connecticut Labor Movement
African-American Student Protest at UConn
Connecticut Women’s Land Army
A UConn Student Visits Vietnam
A Brief History of Metanoia at UConn
A. C. Dunham and the Hartford Electric Light Company

More of my posts for the ASC Blog are available here.

I also produced an online exhibit for ASC on the history of Connecticut businesses during World War II. The exhibit was researched and written by me, and the website was assembled by A. Gabrielle Westcott.

Homefront: Connecticut Businesses in World War II

Album reviews I have written for WHUS.org can be found below.

Marianne Faithful, Give My Love to London
Holly Herndon, Platform
Radioactivity, Silent Kill